​The eyes are the place where the age of a woman can be most exposed, so it is better to protect them. What are the eye massage techniques for removing bags under the eyes, and how long does the eye massage take to be effective?

Eye massage technique to remove eye bags

1. Before massage, we have to clean our face, just use warm water and mild facial cleanser.

2. The more important step of this method of removing eye bags is that we need to put on eye cream on our eyes before massaging the eyes. One is to achieve the best results, and the other is to make the skin smooth and reduce friction between hands and eye skin.

3. First, press the acupuncture points around the eyes, use your middle finger to press the brow and the middle of the eyebrows in order, and Yangbai (about an inch above the eyebrows), and finally Sizhukong (in the depression of the eyebrows), do it six times in a row from heavy to light.

4. Massage the orbicularis muscle of the eye contour. Use the middle finger and ring finger of both hands to form a spiral shape around the eye ring muscle to make a horoscope. That is, the middle finger and ring finger's finger pad is pushed fifteen times from the right eyebrow, brow, outer canthus, inner canthus to the left eyebrow, brow, outer corner, and inner corner of the eye. Gently massage both eyelids 15 times.

5. Gently tap the bags under the eyes with the middle finger of both hands for about one minute to one minute and thirty seconds.

Dark circles under the eyes

Causes of dark circles: congenital hereditary or acquired increased pigmentation of the eyelids; aging and loose eyelids, and skin wrinkles together resulting in a darker skin color; darkening of the skin caused by the retention of blood flow in the veins of the eyelids, this is the key reason.

Correct massage method

01. Massage lightly from the blink muscle of the lower eye (lower eye bag) toward the tail of the eye in a spiral manner.

02. Massage the upper eye area from the brow to the end of the eye in the same way.

03. When you reach the bottom of the eye, gently press the inner corner of the eye with your fingertips for about 3 seconds to promote blood circulation.

04. Use index finger, ring finger, middle finger pad to flick around the eye 100~200 times, the range can also extend to the upper cheek.

05. Massage from bottom to top in a circle to help blood circulation, tighten, and improve dark circles.

06. Finally, warm your hands and cover your eyes.

How long does it take for eye massage to be effective?

Eye bags are caused by sagging skin. With age, irregular work and rest periods, frequent staying up late, the metabolism of the eye skin slows down, and the slow loss of collagen and elastic fibers can easily lead to eye bags. Reasonably reduce the time of eye use, especially not stay up late, you can apply eye cream, and insist on eye massage for about a month to be effective.

Common techniques for eye massage

1. Use the middle finger and ring finger to start at the corner of the eye and draw a circle from the middle to the outside. Note that the skin on the eyelids is very thin and prone to wrinkles. Therefore, gently move in one direction when massaging.

2. Use the middle finger and ring finger to hold down the temples, and then massage in a circle. Massage the temples vigorously to help restore the clarity and brightness of the eyes. For friends who often need to overuse their eyes and fatigue at work, it can effectively relieve visual fatigue.

3. With the chin down, place the middle finger and ring finger under the brow bone, and then gently pull the eyelid upward.

4. Close your eyes, press your eyes with four fingers other than your thumb, and then rub your eyes with a wave-like technique, and rub your eyes with moderate force, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue. It is normal to feel a little irritation and soreness in the eyeballs while rubbing.


1. Before performing eye massage, be sure to clean the face in advance and apply special massage oil around the eyes in advance.

2. Press the acupuncture points around the eyes with the finger pads of the ring fingers of both hands. The pressure should be moderate, not too light or too heavy, as long as we can bear it. The specific pressure points are Qingming, Cuanzhu, Yuyao, Sizhu, Temple, Tongzilian, Chengqi, and Sibai. To help us relax the eye muscles. Press each point about three times.

3. Use the middle and ring fingers of both hands to massage the eye skin in circular motions from the inner side of the eyes upwards in a clockwise direction to promote the absorption of eye cream and eye cream. This can effectively prevent the tail of the eyes from drooping, eliminate eye bags, and make the eye contour more compact.

Correct eye massage technique

1. How to massage the skin around the eyes

The human eye is a relatively fragile part of the body, including the skin around the eyes and the eyes. We should start taking care of the skin around the eyes as soon as possible so that crow's feet and other wrinkles will not come to our door. The way to maintain the eye skin is nothing more than applying eye cream, but everyone should know that eye cream must be matched with the correct massage technique to work.

1. First, apply the eye cream evenly under the eyes and at the end of the eyes with your fingers, and apply it gently.

2. Immediately after that, we use the middle finger to rub the eye cream, the way to rub it is to draw a circle.

2. Techniques to relieve eye fatigue and congestion

After understanding how to care for the eye area, let's look at how to care for the eye. Many friends love to play with mobile phones, so their eyes are usually in a state of fatigue and congestion. How can we alleviate these conditions? Very simple, we can massage the eye points.

1. Rub the Yuyao point in the middle of the eyebrows, and massage the point to improve the congestion of the eyes.

2. The index finger and thumb squeeze the Jingming point at the root of the mountain, so that tired eyes can rest.