The skin around the eyes is particularly soft and thin, and has many wrinkles, so moisture of the skin around the eyes evaporates faster; at the same time, the skin around the eyes has less sweat glands and sebaceous glands, which is particularly prone to dryness and dehydration. These factors determine that the eyes are the most prone to aging and causing problems. Generally, the skin around the eyes begins to go downhill after the age of 25, with dark circles, crow's feet, eye bags, granulation, edema and other problems. Therefore, prevention and care are very important.


Care products

It is mainly divided into three categories: eye cream, eye gel, and eye mask. Eye care products are mainly to achieve the effects of moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, removing fine lines, removing dry lines, lifting and firming eyes, removing swelling, and removing dark circles!


Internal care

(1) Get enough sleep and avoid staying up late.

(2) Drink plenty of water at ordinary times and avoid drinking a lot of water before going to bed.

(3) Maintain optimism and treat diseases in time, especially endocrine disorders.

(4) Avoid direct sunlight.

(5) Don't develop the bad habit of squinting, blinking, squeezing, or rubbing your eyes.


External care

(1) Make-up remover cleansing: Because the skin around the eyes and eyes is quite sensitive and delicate, you should be extremely careful when removing makeup, and you must use special eye makeup remover products.

(2) Choose appropriate eye care products: Eye care products available on the market include eye creams, eye gels, eye essences, etc. Eye cream is highly moisturizing and nutritious, suitable for those who have wrinkles; eye gel is a plant-based gel-like substance with mild and easy absorption and non-greasy, suitable for dark circles, eye bags, etc. Generally, the essence is used first, followed by eye cream or eye gel. When taking it, it is about the size of mung bean. It is best to apply hot compress and then apply it together with massage and acupressure for better effect.

(3) Massage and Shiatsu: Eye massage can promote blood circulation and muscle movement around the eyes, brighten the eyes and clear fatigue.

Specific method: Apply eye care products every night before going to bed, and massage the middle finger or ring finger pad at the same time, gently push the upper eyelid from the front of the eye to the corner of the eye to the temple, and then lightly press each acupuncture point from the end of the eye ( Followed by the eyebrow tail Sizhu point, the eyebrow fish belly point, the eyebrow Cuanzhu point, and finally to the eye-to-eye Ming point.) The same is true for the lower eyelid, except for the acupoints during acupressure (sequentially the eye tail Tongzi point, the lower part of the lower eye Qi and Sibai acupoints.) When pressing each acupoint, take the acid swelling as the criterion, release it after 2 seconds, and repeat 5-6 times.

(4) Eye mask care: 1-2 times a week to provide special moisturizing and relaxation for the eyes. You can use collagen eye mask to care, or you can make your own eye mask (carrot or cucumber mashed to make juice and add vitamin E oil 4— 6 drops and mix well).


Special care

(1) Sore and tired: You can wash your eyes with milk. Fold the gauze into small pieces, soak it completely in milk, and cover it on the eyelids for 20-30 minutes, which can enhance the vitality of eye muscles and relieve fatigue.

(2) Dark circles: Use leftover black tea bags to apply to the eyes. Use it every night before going to bed and take it off after 20-30 minutes. It has a better effect on acquired dark circles.

1. Honey: Do not wipe off the moisture on your face after washing your face, let it dry naturally, and then apply honey around the eyes, massage for a few minutes, wait 10 minutes, and then rinse with water. Do not wipe off the water to make it dry naturally, just apply cream. It is best to use acacia honey. Acacia honey has the functions of heat-clearing, dehumidifying, diuretic, cooling blood, and hemostasis. Acacia honey is water-white, transparent, has a locust flower fragrance, and is not easy to crystallize. It is granular or oily after crystallizing.

2. Yogurt: Dip some yogurt with gauze and apply it around the eyes for ten minutes each time.

3. Hot egg massage: After the egg is boiled, remove the shell, wrap it in a small towel, close the eyes and massage around the eyes with the egg to speed up blood circulation.

4. Apple slices: slice the apples with a lot of juice and apply them to the eyes for 15 minutes each time.

5. Potato chips: peel the potatoes and cut into thick slices of about 2 cm. Apply externally to the eyes for 5 minutes each time.

(3) Eye bags or physiologic swelling: Cut fresh potatoes into slices, rub the affected area of the eye first, and then apply it to the eye area for 15-20 minutes to remove the swelling. Regular use can reduce the symptoms of eye bags.