What is a micro current beauty instrument?

Micro current is a tiny current, and a micro current beauty device is a beauty device that can conduct micro current to your skin and muscles. Micro-current beauty instrument is the most common type of beauty instrument. In fact, the human body has its own electric current, but as the age grows, this current will become weaker and weaker, so the micro-current beauty instrument was born.


Principle of micro current beauty instrument

From a medical point of view, microcurrent was first used to treat muscle atrophy. Muscles contracted involuntarily under the stimulation of microcurrent to increase muscle volume and tension. The principle of increasing collagen production is that microcurrent can reach the dermis directly to promote ATP proliferation, thereby promoting collagen production. However, compared with radio frequency instruments, the instant effect of micro-current is stronger, but the continuity is relatively poor. It is possible to slightly tighten the lines and reduce light lines, but it is impossible to significantly increase the firmness of the face and remove deep wrinkles.



1. Corresponding parts of the body containing metal due to treatment and other reasons

2. Patients with heart disease (especially those with pacemakers)

3. Those who have capillary expansion caused by hormones or diseases

4. Skin inflammation, itching, redness and swelling caused by allergies or other reasons

5. It is not recommended to use the instrument for the parts where the face has been trimmed, implanted with prosthesis, rhinoplasty, injection, embedded gold thread, etc.

Women should stop using it temporarily during the menstrual period because the skin is in a sensitive state during the period. Except for the menstrual period, it is also not suitable for use on wound sites, eczema/acne/purulent disease sites, dermatitis, excessive sun exposure, hair removal sites, plastic surgery sites, and metal/plastic/silicone implants.

Does the micro current beauty instrument need to be used every day?

Yes, the micro-current beauty instrument is an instrument that stimulates the human body's current, and it can be used every day, because the human body itself has its own current, and the beauty instrument is just for excitation. The micro-current beauty instrument lasts for a short time, so it needs to be used every day to maintain the effect. The human body has its own micro-current, but as we age, the micro-current will gradually decrease. This type of beauty instrument uses micro-current stimulation to balance the biological electric field in our body, so that the basic metabolism of the human body is increased and reduced Edema, the effect of eliminating cellulite. But the maintenance time is not long, you need to use it every day.


Skin care knowledge

1. Heating cleansing products. In other words, using warm water to dissolve the facial cleanser can reduce irritation and maintain the acidic protective film of the skin. This small action is very practical for skin with poor water retention.

2. After washing your face, apply a moist towel directly to your face, which helps to open the water supply channel. Put it on a cold towel after the sun, and take it off after 2 minutes, you can achieve the moisturizing and soothing effect, if you add a few drops of essential oil, there will be unexpected effects!


3. After washing your face, open the skin care kit and choose 2-3 of them to use. Allow 30 seconds between each product to be absorbed by the skin, and even longer for dry skin.


4. Homemade moisturizing mask. Wet and apply the softening water soaking mask paper for 3 minutes, and the skin will become soft and plump immediately. If you change the softening lotion to a high-nutrition muscle foundation, you will directly DIY a strong moisturizing mask and then apply a water-locking cream.