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26 Feb How to maintain the skin (2)
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YeamonWhen we slowly get older, or the skin is stimulated by the outside world for a long time, it is easy to lead to their skin deterioration, it is prone to spots and wrinkles. At this time, we need to strengthen their own skin care. We can pay attention to sunscreen, reduce ultraviolet radiation,..
25 Feb How to maintain the skin (1)
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If you want to maintain your skin, you should pay attention to skin care and cleaning, and avoid exposure to the sun. The facial skin can be used as a facial mask, which helps for your skin to become white and delicate. Usually eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and eat more foods rich..
24 Feb The causes of poor skin
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YeamonThe reasons for the bad skin are usually do not pay attention to sunscreen, irregular life, bad mood and so on.Poor skin may be related to the following reasons:1, Usually do not pay attention to sun protection. Whether in winter or summer, there is ultraviolet light in the sun, the skin is ex..
23 Feb Who is the massage suitable for?
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Yeamonspring IS COMING1. Various painful diseases. Pain is one of the most common symptoms treated by massage, including pain caused by acute injury, chronic strain and pain from chronic diseases such as soft tissue and bone joint, such as stiff pillow, neck shoulder, tennis elbow, acute lumbar spra..
22 Feb Who is not suitable for massage?
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YeamonbeautyMassage can let our body and mind get real relaxation, promote the circulation of the body blood, the treatment of diseases on the body also has a certain effect. However, it is important to note that not all people are doing massage. Many people are weak or not suitable for massage, let..
21 Feb Yeamon’s product about Gua sha
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YeamonAre you familiar with Gua Sha? Do you know how to Gua Sha? Do you know the effect of Gua Sha? If you don’t know, don’t worry about it. Check this passage and you will get it.What is Gua Sha?The Gua Sha facial massage tool is an ancient beauty ritual known for its ability to breathe new life. U..
21 Feb Yeamon’s care for women and girl
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YeamonDo you feel troubled with these issues? Belly discomfort, Waist discomfort, Back discomfort...In fact, there are over 70% female in the world suffer belly discomfort. Every female should be cared. Our team designed this portable heating pad device, which is special gift for female. Actually, m..
18 Feb What should we do before the massage?
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What should we do before the massage?1. Prepare massage cream (essence or face cream), massage with massage cream not only to make the face feel very comfortable, but also not because of too dry and wrinkles. Do not choose those sticky heavy massage cream, should choose the moist and cool and refres..
17 Feb Facial massage methods
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YeamonMassage has a variety of techniques, but the general principle is massage direction and muscle direction consistent, and skin wrinkles direction perpendicular.Use enough massage oil during the massage process. Massage movements should be skilled, with facial muscles, finger movements should be..
16 Feb Electric and Waterproof Scalp Massager Comb
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YeamonYeamon New Design Multi-Functional Comb Brush1. Three different High-frequency vibration modes2. 3 types of massage comb tip and in total 35 tips3. USB rechargeable and waterproof (Waterproof level, IPX7)4. Like mouse shape design, comfortable to holdSoft Comb Tips1. 3 types of massage comb ti..
15 Feb Are you still troubled by hair problems?
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YeamonVALENTINE'S DAYHave you ever encountered various hair problems when combing your hair? Do you ever have trouble combing your hair?  Actually, I've had trouble with it myself sometimes. When getting up in the morning, you plan to comb your hair. But your hair is dry, biforked and entangled. Wha..
13 Feb What’s the highlights of this massager?
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Love Yeamon2-in-1 MultifunctionThe beauty bar is magical with two changeable heads, includes 3D roller massager and “T” shape electric beauty bar.This combination will give you a great experience, we promise you'll love it.Compact & Easy to useDue to its portable design, it is perfect for carrying i..
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