Does the 24k gold beauty bar really work?

1. Anti-aging

The pure gold negative ions possessed by the gold beauty bar itself and 6000 vibrations per minute can effectively remove free radicals, enhance the elastic activity of facial muscles, promote facial blood circulation and metabolism, and activate the skin's own collagen production, thereby delaying and improving Natural aging such as skin sagging, wrinkles, stains, eye bags and multiple jaws caused by aging.

2. Help lymphatic drainage

Lymph is an important channel for human body detoxification. If the lymphatic system is blocked, girls will have endocrine disorders and the skin will become particularly bad. Use the bar to massage the lymphatic area regularly with the correct method, the detoxification effect will be particularly obvious, especially because of detoxification Those who are not acne-prone will find that their acne-prone condition improves a lot.

3. Tighten and enhance facial contours

Use the gold beauty bar to massage the face in the correct way. It is recommended that it can be used with an essence that has the effect of firming or thinning the face for better effect. After persisting for a period of time, you will notice that the contours of your face have become much firmer and your face will be more beautiful.

4. Skin rejuvenation

Use it with a mask or after applying skin care products to promote the absorption of skin care products. If you insist on using it over time, you will find that your skin becomes more supple and firmer.


What are free radicals?

The robbing of electrons in human cells is the source of all diseases. Free radicals are a substance lacking electrons. After entering the human body, they compete for electrons everywhere. A vicious circle will form a large number of aberrant protein molecules. Gene mutations form a large number of cancer cells, and finally cancer appears. After the human body gets negative ions which can provide a large number of electrons, and blocking the vicious cycle, cancer cells can be prevented or inhibited.


How to use the gold beauty bar?

1. Open the back cover, and install a AA battery.

2. After cleansing the face, hold the tail of the bar with your hand, turn the rotary switch on the lower part of the electric bar handle counterclockwise to the ON position, and adjust the strength of the massage according to your preference.

3. Start massaging the T-shaped part of the bar on your face. After pressing for 3 to 5 seconds, start to roll up and pull up. Remember don't use excessive force, otherwise the face will easily become red and swollen.

4. The narrow part next to the ear that is not easy to massage, massage the corresponding part with the gold beauty bar, can also achieve the maintenance effect.

5. The wrinkles on the face can be operated repeatedly, such as nasolabial folds and fine eye lines.

6. It is recommended to massage the neck several times along the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system on the side of the neck extends from behind the ears to the shoulders, starting from the acupuncture points behind the ears, and rolling massage from top to bottom until the shoulder blades. Pause and press on the shoulder blades for a few seconds.



1. If you notice skin abnormalities during use, please stop using it immediately.

2. Please use within the usable temperature range.

3. Please don't use it for toddlers and children.

4. If the battery has not been used for more than one month, please take out the dry battery.

6. If the face is coated with foundation or make-up, do not massage directly on the face.


What are the effects of gold bars?

1. Remove bags under the eyes. Massage the area of the bags under the eyes, push it from the inside to the outside, each time about 30 times when the problem is serious, you can increase the number of times.

2. Reduce nasolabial folds. Massage the corners of the mouth are also lifted from the inside to the outside, about 30 times, more times for deep lines.

3. Tighten the chin. The chin is lifted up along the contour from the middle of the jawbone for about 30 times to make the chin firmer.

4. To improve the forehead wrinkles, massage the forehead on the middle of the eyebrows, push it from bottom to up about 20 times.

5. Lift the apple muscle and push it up to the corner of the mouth 20 times to slow down the sagging of the apple muscle.

6. Improve neck wrinkles, massage the neck from bottom to top to the edge of the chin, about 30 times, severe neck wrinkles can increase the number of massages.

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