Tips to relieve menstrual pain

Hot bath or shower

Bathing can increase blood circulation in the pelvic area, stimulate cell movement, and relax muscles. In addition, taking a bath gives you a chance to get rid of stress and get a good rest. When taking a bath, remember that the soaking time should not be too long.

Drink water or tea

It sounds cliche, but drinking water can really help keep the digestive system functioning normally, which helps relieve menstrual pain. Studies have shown that the menthol in peppermint can reduce the duration and severity of menstrual pain.


I know that exercise can be caused by pain, but exercise is good for blood circulation. It can also help relax the abdominal muscles and pelvic muscles. The excretion of menstrual blood is also relatively smooth, which has a certain effect on alleviating menstrual pain. You do not need to engage in intense activities, just brisk walking, jogging or yoga.


Yoga is particularly helpful for relieving menstrual pain. You can stretch and stretch the abdomen, lower back, waist and pelvic area through a safe form of yoga. This can eventually relax your muscles and reduce the discomfort associated with your menstruation.

Sleep a while

A good nights sleep is important, but most people find it difficult to fall asleep at night. All you need to do is to stay warm, which can be done with a comfortable electric blanket and create a perfect sleeping environment for yourself. Turn on the electric blanket 15 to 20 minutes before going to bed to create a comfortable sleeping environment. Turning off the electric blanket when you sleep can warm up your bed and help you sleep better.

Foods that might help

Eat low-fat natural foods and eat a balanced diet. It is a good idea to eat less sodium and try to consume more natural fish oil, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B, vitamin E and protein. These foods may help relieve menstrual pain.

A heating pad

Heat therapy is a good way to improve body pain. The heating pad can be used on any part of the body, designed to relieve body pain and help you stay warm and relax.


The heating pad can help you relax the muscles of your body comfortably at home. You can use them whenever you need to warm and relax your body. You can use the heating pad while hanging out at home, watching TV or sleeping at night.


The small size of the heating pad allows it to fit in any bag or suitcase. You can travel anywhere and bring heating pads to use them when you feel stressed and uncomfortable.


It can help you fall asleep. Heat increases blood circulation and relaxes tight muscles in the body. The heating pad helps you stay warm and comfortable, making it easier to fall asleep. Maintaining healthy eating habits and clever use of heat therapy to keep yourself warm and comfortable will be a good way to relieve regular pain.


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