When you feel heavy on your head, hair loss is severe. You are about to start to be aware that you will be bald. If you often feel fatigue, scalp tightness, then you must increase the oxygen content of the scalp and brain blood. This can be done in a little time. This can not only prevent baldness, but also have a lot of benefits for the body.

What are the benefits of scalp massage ?

1. Promote blood circulation. During the massage, the acupuncture points of the scalp are constantly stimulated to make the whole body and mind feel relaxed. Improve the blood return of the brain, increase the oxygen uptake of the brain, benefit the function regulation of the cerebral cortex, nourish the brain, enhance memory, relieve fatigue, relieve tension, and regain sufficient energy and physical strength for the brain It is beneficial. Head massage also has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on preventing insomnia, tinnitus, deafness, and dizziness.

2. Prevent scalp aging and hair loss. Regular massage of the scalp can make the hair follicle cells work more effectively, and the hair that grows out is also very healthy.

3. Relax your emotions. When you are emotionally stressed, your whole body muscles will become very loose after you massage, and your whole body will feel happy.

4. Improve hair quality. Frequent massage of the acupoints on the head can improve the blood return of the peripheral blood vessels under the hair follicles of the head, nourish the hair, make the hair black and prevent it from falling out.

5. Relieve headache. Some people have headaches from time to time. They often take painkillers, or take more rest and sleep to relieve headaches naturally. Most headaches are not life-threatening, but some headaches can be fatal or cause serious bodily harm such as stroke and ruptured cerebral aneurysm.

The best time to massage the scalp

The best time is when you are tired at work and before going to bed. When you are tired at work, you can immediately massage to relieve stress, so that you can better engage in work. Massage before going to bed can make you more able to fall asleep and prevent insomnia. Prerequisite: You must wash your hands clean.

Precautions for scalp massage

1.We should be clear that we massage the scalp, not the hair. Never do useless work. Many novices have such low-level mistakes at the beginning;


2.Never massage freshly washed wet hair. Because the cuticles of wet hair are fully open, if you massage the scalp at this moment, it is very easy to cause damage to the scalp, leading to serious damage to the hair quality.


3.Pause massage if there is a wound on the scalp; massage force should be gentle, otherwise you will feel more pain. The massage technique is also to use finger pads instead of nails, the scalp is particularly fragile and it is easy to damage the scalp.


Method of scalp massage

1. Before starting the massage, divide the hair into 8 lines radially.


2. Spray scalp nourishing lotion on each parting line and apply it evenly with fingertips.

3. Deepen the roots of the hair with both hands, use the power of the fingertips to knead in a spiral form from the top of the head.


4. Then go to the Baihui point (the intersection of the line between the top of the head and the tip of the ear) on the top of the head, and gently massage with fingertips.


5. Move your hands to both sides of the head, and press inward at the same time with palm strength to relieve head tension.

6. Starting from the back of the head, draw a circle with both hands to massage the top of the head, and then use the same technique to massage from the top of the head to the back of the head.

Another massage method——scalp massage comb

Using a massage comb, you can relax your scalp anytime and anywhere, and it can achieve 6000 high-frequency vibrations per minute, saving you time in the beauty salon.

At the same time, the massager can not only be used as a scalp massager, but also can massage the back, arms and legs.

Here is a video about the scalp massage comb: