One of the main causes of hair loss is stress. Studies have shown that massaging the scalp can increase the thickness of the hair, which may be due to the improvement of blood circulation or the direct stimulation of dermal papilla cells.

During the scalp massage, the pressure exerted on the dermal cells can relieve the pressure and reduce the hair loss caused by this. Scalp massage can improve androgenetic alopecia. Massaging the scalp may help unclog pores filled with dust or deposits and help promote hair growth.

Scalp massager is a device that can massage the scalp. It has a variety of shapes and sizes, it can exfoliate keratin, relax the scalp, and increase follicular circulation. Scalp massager can make serum and hair care products work better. Using a scalp massager can promote blood circulation and can also help relieve stress.

Benefits of scalp massage

●  Improve the quality of the scalp

Improve blood circulation in hair follicles

Relieve pressure

●  Strengthen hair roots

How to massage the scalp to stimulate hair growth?

1. Mechanical massager

A study conducted on Japanese men showed that the use of mechanical equipment can help improve hair thickness. Most studies on scalp massage use mechanical scalp massagers. They apply equal and consistent pressure on the scalp to relieve stress.

2. Use proper massage techniques

When massaging the scalp with your hands, you must use your fingertips instead of your nails. Nails can scratch the scalp and cause hair damage. Kneading the scalp can open blood vessels by heating it. In turn, this can improve blood flow and circulation. The increase in circulation allows hair follicles to receive more nutrients to stimulate hair growth. Rubbing the scalp can cause relaxation and reduce stress, which may cause hair fall.

3. Massage the scalp with oil

Massage the scalp with oil not only nourishes the scalp and hair, but also increases the thickness and length of the hair. The oil helps condition the scalp and replenish the hair. A study showed that coconut oil can penetrate the hair cortex and nourish it from within. It can also improve the thickness and length of the hair and protect the hair from UV rays. It reduces the protein loss of the hair. Using these oils to massage the scalp can add nutrition to the hair, repair damage and protect the hair.

4. Aromatherapy

Massage the scalp with essential oils can help reduce hair loss. In this study, essential oils of lavender, cedar, rosemary and thyme were mixed with jojoba oil and grape seed oil and then massaged onto the scalp. The result is reduced hair loss and improved hair growth. This shows that aromatherapy is a good massage technique for hair growth.

Correct scalp massage method

● Sit in a relaxed position. Sitting allows you to focus on massaging the scalp completely without getting tired to your body.

Keep your body relaxed and don’t put any pressure on your shoulders and neck.

● Put a towel around your neck to prevent your clothes from getting oily.

Before use, heat the oil slightly. It is convenient to open the pores on the scalp and allow the oil to penetrate into the hair roots.

● If you use essential oils, do an allergy test to make sure you are not allergic to essential oils.

● Use fingers instead of nails to massage the scalp, massage the scalp with your fingers in circular motions for 5-10 minutes.

Other health benefits of scalp massage

Massage therapy can reduce the incidence of tension headaches. While performing head massage to promote hair growth, it can also relieve headaches and sinus problems. Scalp massage can reduce women's systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and relieve stress, it can make you full of vitality.


Although scalp massage cannot treat hair loss, it can help promote hair growth. Excessive force and improper massage is harmful to the body. It is recommended to avoid unnecessary injuries during the massage and avoid excessive beating on the head, which may cause intracranial lesions, dizziness, nausea, and transient memory loss. In addition, if you have nausea and vomiting during use, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination immediately.

Here is s video about scalp massager: